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Coldplay is so awesome.
June 14, 2003


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Coldplay comes on.

My God.

And they had started up with In My Place, and I saw him, on stage, and he was singing out to heaven, I swear.

His arms were outstretched, he was so at peace with himself and everything, just so free.

I started crying.

Not just.


I dredged everything up, and everything melted away, and it was me and the words.

I cried for everything bad that happened to anyone.

That people live in fear.

That there is injustice and cruelty, and that I take what I have for granted.

I cried on behalf of everything.

Oh God, and he sang, no one ever said it would be easy, and I knew what he meant.

It was so meaningful.

It sounds dumb, but I was momentarily at peace myself.

Coldplay is so awesome.

And all I needed was yellow, and I'm okay again.

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The original JumboTron message from episode #304.

A live reading of the entry by John Hodgman from episode #307.

The site launch is announced in episode #356.

The brothers review the site: "It may break your phone." episode #407.

In 2003, my friend Avital went to see Coldplay in concert. It was a powerful experience for her, as it should have been. Live music can be transcendent, and none are more open to that sublimity than the young. There is nothing to be ashamed of in being so moved. As a teenager, I had emotionally intense reactions to music just like what she writes about here. I didn't write about it, though, and I definitely didn't write about it in LCD stardust upon the eternal ether. She did. Ten years after that concert, I met the girl whose heart once dangled from Chris Martin's microphone, and three years after that, I sent my friend a message of affection and tenderness; I sent my friend her LiveJournal entry. The McElroy brothers, to whom she introduced me and of whom we are equally enthusiastic, read that message to the world.

It was, in Griffin's words, "the meanest thing anybody's ever done on this show."

It was my masterpiece. I am more proud of that Goddamned JumboTron than I am of anything else I have accomplished in my life.

A year has passed since then. I have gotten older. She has gotten older. Our friendship has deepened.

The LiveJournal remains.


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